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Retained Search

Why Retained Search?
We're sure that your recruitment strategy will involve a variety of methods to source and attract the most successful talent to work for you.  For permanent hiring, we work with our clients in different ways, depending on the circumstances.

For easy to fill, every day hires a contingent recruitment service can work well.  Often in conjunction with more than one supplier, with no commitment on either side, and payment on result only.  It can work relatively well for straightforward or low-level positions, or high talent availability markets.

When things start to get more challenging, a more complex approach is necessary.   Many clients we work with are facing challenges around talent shortages, and they want to work in a better way.

So we apply a Search Methodology.

Retained search is our Partnership Headhunting Service.

This partnership way of working enables me to access that elusive talent pool, the passive candidate that you really want.  It enables me to apply a more rigorous methodology, gain understanding of the talent available at this time, and provide you with real time market intelligence.

When we work in partnership with our clients, we have the time to access the whole of the market.  

It gets a result for you when things start to get more challenging.

It is so much more than putting out an advert!

Please give me a call and I can walk you through my process.

Targeted Search and Headhunting
Targeted Search can also be valuable to our clients.  Clients often contact us with named individuals they wish to target, knowing that we will be discreet in our approach. Due to our tactful and confidential approach during searches, we are able to represent many top candidates exclusively.

Talent Mapping
We can work on projects such as new branch openings and the future expansion of existing teams, and we undertake extensive talent searches for our clients expressly for this purpose. This extensive research can prove very valuable in identifying available talent exactly when you need it. Retained Search Service

Retained Search