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Referral Reward & Loyalty Bonus

Work with us exclusively, and refer another Recruitment Consultant to us

That's double the thanks!

Referral Reward
Perhaps you know someone who may be interested in our current vacancies? Maybe you really rate the service we've provided you and want to tell others? We now have a sliding scale for referrals up to £750 (see Terms and Conditions below).

For each referral you send our way we will give you the decided value in gift vouchers of your choice to say thanks. (see Terms and Conditions below). You can either refer them to us directly and we will do the rest, or ask them to call us and mention your name.

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Loyalty Bonus
As well as our Referral Reward, if you have a successful and demonstrable track record within recruitment; and work with us exclusively to find your next role within recruitment, we will give you £100 worth of gift vouchers of your choice as a thank-you once we have successfully placed you. (see Terms and Conditions below)

Terms and Conditions for Loyalty Bonus:

  1. We agree to represent you exclusively.
  2. You work exclusively with us to source your new recruitment role.
  3. You have passed the probation requirements and are still employed with the client, the rebate period has finished, and the client has paid the invoice.
  4. The offer does not apply if you accept a counter offer from your current employer at any point during (3.) above, or, if you work with another recruiter during (2 and 3) above, or, if you attend interviews that you have arranged yourself during (2 and 3) above.
Terms and Conditions for Referral Rewards Scheme:
  1. The lowest level of referral reward is £100.
  2. The highest level of referral reward is £750.
  3. Frankland Associates Recruitment & Search will decide on the level of referral reward paid to you, this decision will be based on a number of factors. We will communicate to you the level of referral reward in each case. We will not engage in a biding war for details of your referral, and our decision is final.
  4. The candidate you refer must be placed by us in a permanent recruitment role, and must be someone new to us.
  5. Your gift vouchers will be sent to you with our thanks once your referral has passed the probation requirements of the new role, the rebate period has finished, and the client has paid the invoice.