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Specialists in Recruitment Careers for Recruitment People.

"Working with You"
I help high billing recruitment professionals move forward in their careers; working WITH you in your job search. 

I've had this same strapline since I started in Rec2Rec in 2006.  Why?  It completely sums up my values and service to you.  

Changing your job is a serious matter.  Working with me means you have someone else in your corner, advocating your skillset to hand picked companies that will value your experience. 

A talking CV if you like 😁.

Fact is, you can't realistically interview for every available job.  You need advice around companies and sectors that align with your career goals.  

Why not spend time wisely, and be discreet in your search by talking to me when you are feeling a bit iffy about your current job.   

That way, the jobs we talk about are tailored to your needs, and your career goals.

Working in recruitment since 1999, and in Rec2Rec since 2006, I have had the great pleasure of working with experienced recruitment professionals like you at every stage of their recruitment careers.  

High billing recruitment consultants come back to me to manage their career progression.

My clients often contact me with exclusive, confidential job roles and succession planning requirements for this reason.  

I've never been "bums on seats", I listen, and focus on Working With You.

If you are ready for a move, contact me now.

Not quite ready yet?
I have a limited number of call slots available every two weeks for people who aren't quite ready for a move, but who want to explore options.
If this is you, drop me a note and we can get a career audit call booked in.

Specialists in Recruitment Careers for Recruitment People.