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Working with You

We are an independent Recruitment Consultancy, renowned for listening to client requirements and only sending details of candidates that are matched closely to client specifications.

Our extensive market knowledge enables us to provide information and advice to you across a variety of sectors. We can often tell you immediately if we have suitable candidates registered and we won't clog your inbox with unsuitable candidate details - a fact appreciated by our regular clients.

Our Service
When you contact us with a new vacancy you can expect us to spend time taking a full vacancy brief that encompasses a description of your company, culture, role and role specifics.

We can often tell you immediately if we have suitable candidates registered - if not, we will take further details to ensure we are Working with You in the best way possible to represent your brand correctly, and target our searches and advertising appropriately.  We then keep in touch with you as regularly as you require, to report on progress.

We use a mix of referrals, search, and direct or client paid advertising to source candidates, depending on the best solution for your vacancy.

For permanent hiring we work with our clients in different ways, depending on the circumstances.
Retained Search Service

Search Service
We offer a fully Retained Search service.  

Talent Mapping
This extensive research can prove very valuable in identifying available talent exactly when you need it.

Targeted Search
Clients often contact us with named individuals they wish to target, knowing that we will be discreet in our approach.

Response Recruitment

Many clients have their own advertising in place, but no time or dedicated HR function to sort through responses. We can provide a Response Recruitment service, whereby we sort your advertisement response and provide a shortlist for you to interview from. Please call us for further information.

Trainee Recruitment Consultant Hiring
Our Directors have been hiring managers within Recruitment for many years. They have directly recruited Trainee Recruitment Consultants for themselves, and for clients. We offer a Trainee Recruitment Consultant service for a flat fee. We will screen and interview individuals with relevant sales experience according to your specifications, and provide a shortlist for you to interview from.  Please call us for further information.

Your Current Vacancies
If you have current vacancies you would like us to work on, please call or contact us and we'll be pleased to help. We work hard to fulfil your requirements and provide you with an honest assessment of our current candidate availability.

We look forward to Working with You.