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Interview Success

If you would like our Guide to Interviews emailed to you,  send us your details and write Interview Help in the how can we help box.  

Meanwhile, here are some brief points to get you started:


  • Every interview should be prepared for in advance, even if you have years of recruitment and interviewing experience
  • The best way to prepare is to keep in regular contact with your consultant who will be able to give you a comprehensive outline of the interview process, what to expect, and who will attend
  • Another good way of preparing is to think about what the interviewer is looking for and the likely questions they may ask to identify this skill or experience in you. Practice your responses, using the STAR technique, or SOAR.
  • Employers use a variety of interview techniques to ensure the 'right hire', from traditional interviews that are more like CV repeats, through to competency based interviews
  • All interviewers have the balance of their current team in mind when they meet you. It can take seconds to form an impression - good or bad - of a potential employee
  • Please arrive just a touch early, presented well - leave the takeaway coffee cup for later!