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The Hot Desk

One of my favourite topics 😁  and much derided on LinkedIn in terms of a desk description!

The term hot desk should really only apply to high volume, time-dependent temps recruitment - if you've never worked in sectors like this before I guarantee you've not worked a hot desk.  This type of recruitment is akin to a trading floor at certain times of the day.

🔥  A strong year six teacher by 9am who can deal with a tough class?  Sure, it's 8.15 now so give me 15mins and I'll call you back with a name.
🔥  20 warehouse operatives by 730am tomorrow?  Sure, it's 6pm now, give me two hours and I'll have the names for you.

You get the gist.

In the types of high volume, time-sensitive recruitment my temps clients deal in, hot really does means 🔥.   This is busy, 100 mile an hour, get to grips with the candidate and client base quickly, do 100 things at once, phone ringing off the hook temps recruitment.

In the current market, this type of hot desk doesn't need you to build relationships first, they just want their temps!  The relationship bit comes in a few weeks when everyone can breathe again.  This type of hot desk can sometimes benefit from fresh eyes too - that client that wants the 110% fit yesterday can sometimes accept what you've got from a new point of contact, breathing new life into a relationship.

This is what a hot desk means to me, and if you see a post where I talk about a hot desk – it's because it is 🔥.

It is exciting, hard work, rewarding, exhilarating, frustrating and wonderful – and 🔥!

✅Days on the board, temps out, men out, workers out, hours out, workers out, GP on the board already (whatever your jargon is)

✅Above or on target already

✅Loyal client base that books daily or weekly

✅Immediate urgent jobs, shifts, hours, deals to fill

✅Phone ringing off the hook during peak booking times


✅A long term base firmly embedded that sits behind your hourly/daily/weekly shifts

✅Loyal candidate base

✅Pre-registered candidates ready to go

✅A consistent level of business over the last 12-18months


You need to be able to walk into a storm (in a good way!) and run the desk to keep the business then look to grow.


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